HPlus provides comprehensive asset management services to fulfill different demands of clients after investing overseas, ranging from full-service property management to individual household services. The client can easily manage their real estate properties at different locations without stepping out the door, and HPlus helps to reduce the difficulties caused by time zones, geographical location or language barriers.


HPlus creates a diversified service platform, focusing on meeting clients’ needs in all aspects, and making their life overseas more convenient.

  • International Relocation

  • Accompanied Interpretation

  • Car Rental

  • Driving Lessons & Car Purchase

  • Furniture Rental & Purchase

  • Airport Transportation

  • House Cleaning

  • Education

  • Personalized Travel

  • Living Guidance


  • Global Brand Cooperation

    In order to fulfill our clients‘ needs while overseas, HPlus has developed deep-rooted business connections in Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and many other countries to implement in-depth cooperation with service providers in various fields.

  • Comprehensive Customization

    HPlus provides customized solutions in property management and life-style services for our clients in order to meet their unique needs.

  • Advanced Scheduling

    Clients are able to schedule services before arriving at their destination, enabling them enjoy HPlus’ services without waiting. Whether for short-term travel or long-term residency, services can always be arranged in advance.

  • Process Tracking

    Clients can track service progress in real time through HPlus online customer service or 400 hotline; by logging into the bonni APP to check the status of their orders and receive important notifications.

  • Unified Asset Management

    Clients are able to use one account to manage multiple real estate properties located across the globe all while conveniently tracking management progress and viewing service details in real time


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    Customer Service - via app, website, phone & email

    Online - through our transparent procedure & policy guidance

    FAQ for different countries

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    Complete user information

    Place order

    Personalized service

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    Order status updated in real time

    Authentication of demanded services

    Simple online Check & Accept procedure

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    Analyze client feedback

    Clients monitor service quality

    Expand service portfolio

    Accumulation of client demands


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